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dunk heels If an RSS feed is the Yahoo backdoor, is a Blog Google?s? The method I most suggest to get the kind of search engine results that can power those kinds of sales, is aligning your site with the purpose the search engine seeks to fill dunk heels. It is faster, more effective and involves far less effort. You should still make sure your blog meets all the basic search engine optimization guidelines dunk heels. However, the very nature of a blog makes it easier to meet more of these requirements with less continual struggle. Lets look at the facts, and see how blogs align themselves more closely with one of Googles purposes as a search engine dunk heels. Here's what you need to keep in mind:if you get your sites link in the path of the search engine spider or robot of your choice, in this case Googlebot, if may follow it. the way to get it to follow the link is to make sure it can see your link if your content fills a need that the search engines database of links has, it will include your link, and,if your link fills a deficit better than any other site, in accordance with Googles secret formula or algorithm, it will rank your page well dunk heels. So now, the only missing component necessary to our success is now finding out how to be the best site Google finds for a category that has a deficit. One of the strengths of Google, as perceived by people who like it, is the vast amount of fresh content it contains that is relevant to almost any topic, or keyword, typed into it, no matter how narrow or broad. It follows then, that one purpose of this database of links is to provide fresh, relevant content on topics its users desire. The freshest, most relevant, most topical information found on the web today are in blogs, as well as their corresponding RSS or Atom feeds. A blogs very function is to contain constantly updated focused content, on one topic or field. When blogs first started, the topic was often a persons life. Business blogs, instead, are updated records of a certain kind of information relevant to an industry, a company or a topic, aligned with the interests of their visitors.
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